‘A look Into The Mind of Jhonni Blaze’

Some of you may have seen this New York native on Mona Scott’s most chart topping production thus far, Love & Hip Hop, while others may know her for her electrifying personality in the industry for being quite a boss. Jhonni Blaze was born in New York and now resides in Atlanta where she is building her million dollar empire as an all around brand. With her music streams being nothing but stellar online, and her sexy photo shoots killing the photography world, this is not a name you can forget. Click below and watch the in-depth interview with Jhonni Blaze and editor of the blog Carisha The Diva. Jhonni dishes on everything from celebrity beefs to helping her ‘bestie’ land air time with the Grammy award winning producer ‘Zaytoven Beats’. 

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‘I chose to interview Jhonni because I wanted to capture how warm-hearted and sweet she actually is. Everyday people make the mistake of misjudging others by their past or what they may or may not have done without actually getting the opportunity to really get to know someone’.