Azealia Banks Drags Lizzo, Defends Rapper CupcakKe!!

Well another day, another rant in the world of Azealia Banks. The controversial, has-been female rapper came for Lizzo’s life in a video rant posted on Instagram earlier today. It all started when rapper CupcakKe, who hails from Chicago announced she is retiring from music. The thick female MC went on social media and describes the pressure of rapping about sexuality while not conforming to society’s traditional standard of beauty, and how difficult it is to hear people call her overweight. She also went on to say she has put out a lot of music covering a variety of topics, yet she is tired of being considered ‘untalented’ because that’s the girl who made ‘Deepthroat’…and thus will forever be considered a joke. Now it gets weird because none of that was a mention to hot Songstress Lizzo, or regarding her ‘stealing’ her shine so the disconnect is a bit confusing to say the least. Any who take a peek below and sound off in the comments. We wish all of these girls nothing but the best!!


Instagram post from @trymenot2day