“Lizzo” Slays NPR Tiny Desk Concert!!

Wow!!!!! This girl is really something. We are blessed to know and hear from this talented sensation known as Lizzo. Stephen Thompson was on the scene and gave a fabulous description of the performance. Read and watch the magic below.

“But from the second Lizzo entered the room, fresh off a long interview with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, she was on: all charm, vibrant and gracious, dressed to the nines and ready to sing her face off. In rehearsal, Lizzo belted out “Cuz I Love You,” the title track from her wonderful new album, with nothing off her fastball; if you were standing six feet away at the time, you’d swear the gale force of her voice was blowing your hair back. She was the star and the mayor rolled into one, at once ingratiating and commanding, as an audience of maybe 25 milled around and prepared to let in the crowd”.