#MessyMondays Cardi B STEALS SONG, Lil UZI 24 Million 3rd Eye Piercing, Silento MURDERS Cousin!

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If Its Up Then It’s Stuck!

Cardi B‘s 1st official track “UP” has hit the streaming waves and high-key its a banger. The song and visual dropped last Friday and Cardi gave us not only multiple flows but multiple LEWKS, bomb choreography. The Tanu Muino directed video also featured some girl-on-girl tonguing, Cardi stating she wanted to essentially push the envelope. Everyone is loving the track but the streets are in a slight uproar citing Cardi may have stolen the melody from New Jersey rappers Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane who claimed she stole their song “Stuck“. While the records may have similar wording, Cardi claims that she had never heard of them nor the record and she had been working on the track since last august. 


Lil Uzi’s diamond 3rd eye!

This trend is one we for now are side-eyeing. Our Eternal Atake Philly Rapper Lil Uzi Vert has joined the hooligans who are getting diamonds embedded into their heads. Uzi apparently wanted to beat out everyone as his is reportedly over 24 million dollars (reports vary exact cost). Uzi took to his social media to tell us, as well as inform us if its not taken out properly he could die. YIKES! Kids, please don’t go ask for the Uzi special.


Silento arrested for Murdering his cousin?!

Think back to 2015/16 and this rapper hit big with the viral smash “Watch Me (Whip, Nae Nae) . Silento since then unfortunately has had a rough past year. He was arrested last fall after allegedly driving 140+ MPH in Atlanta, as well as being arrested and charged with 2 felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly threatening people with a hatchet.  This year reaching its peak as the 23 year old was arrested Monday for allegedly January 21st murdering Frederick Rooks according to the DeKalb County Police Department. Silento’s publicist asking us to keep him in our prayers, citing he has been struggling with several mental health complications. 


In Other News……

The infamous Gorilla Glue Girl that had used gorilla super glue spray instead of Got2be has now been hospitalized as well as garnering a blue check on Instagram. The nurse attempted to treat her hair with nail polish remover and saline water the procedure taking at least 20 hours, the woman deciding to continue the same treatment at home. Well minor setback for a major come back, let’s see where she takes her new found fame.

YFN Lucci has been released on bond after turning himself in last month, as he is alleged to be connect in an ongoing murder case.

41 year-old Lamar Odom is officially set to fight 33 year-old Aaron Carter in celebrity boxing match June 12 of this year. A 3 round exhibition at Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, outside of age, Odom has 9 inches of height on the 6’1 Carter. Rumors are it’s set to a be a real war!

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