Reality Star / Artist ‘Safaree’ To Release New Music – Press


By: Carisha J. * Jessica J


Wah Gwann! Safaree is back at it again! Our finnnneee favorite Jamaican TV personality is releasing a sexy new single off his new mixtape and celebrating his 39th birthday. “Tek Off” which debuts July 4th the same day Safaree took his first breaths is exploding with Rastafarian flavor and a good vibe. With everything going on in the world right now who couldn’t use a little island vibes and a side of sexy to lighten the mood! We get a pulsating dose of his well sculpted body which makes the video very sexy as he relishes being a Jamaican God whose body is being worshiped by a queen. I love the fact he embraces his Jamaican culture and Brooklyn swag in his music. His flow is cultured and unique.  Happy Birthday Safaree! Keep staying true to yourself, the people who love you, love the family man and musician you have become and see you as a man who will provide for his family by any means necessary.  You have our full support behind with this one 100%. We look forward to seeing what he will do next! Bless Up Queens and Kings!