Tituss Burgess Not Here For Andy Cohen!!

Tituss Burgess is one of the most fabulous Queens you will ever come to meet. After his recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s show he has been quite the talk of the town. Andy who is known for being a little raunchy with his words upset Tituss when he asked him about working with actor Eddie Murphy on a recent production. Eddie Murphy who may have had a small disagreement with the gay community ages ago has let go and let flow. Tituss was disappointed that Andy brought up such a old cup of cold tea, trying to start some new drama, and Tituss was NOT having it. Tituss made some remarks about the situation on his Instagram page ig @instatituss

Titus who has offered to play ‘Ursula’ in the now much controversial Disney remake cartoon ‘The Little Mermaid’ has a voice straight from heaven!! Tituss who has recently did a interview with the Queen of Media, Wendy Williams talks about everything from music to not speaking to his father anymore after coming out as a Gay man. Well it’s good to know that this angel is completely loved and admired here and across the world. Listen to track number 5 on his EP for tea on shady Andy.

Tituss Burgess tells us his thoughts on fans signing an online petition to play Ursula in the new “Little Mermaid” re-make and his new Netflix’s movie, “Dolemite Is My Name” with Eddie Murphy.