Trump “Sweden has let our African American community down”

Well chances are if you have been following any form of the news lately you have heard about the unfortunate news regarding rapper Asap Rocky. The New York native whose real name is Rakim Mayers was doing a show in Stockholm a few weeks ago and ran into some trouble with the law. Sources say the artist was being followed by raving fans who recognized him and a scuffle begins. After the rapper was jailed by police, the American media immediately went into a frenzy. Everyone has been voicing their opinions and feelings toward the situation even down to the celebrities. His parents were even said to have called on help from activist Rev. Al Sharpton for their son.  Donald Trump, who has been dealing with the backlash of the recent comments he made about 4 women of color in congress has decided to take action for Asap Rocky.


The president got into trouble again for his social media accounts, after tweeting disrespectful statements subliminally at the women basically telling them to go back where they came from if they were not happy in America. He has been accused by everyone, and every other journalist, including Don Lemon for being racists. Naturally he would attempt to use his ‘celebrity’ status to try and get the distraught rapper freed from jail. Donald Trump stated a few days ago he was speaking one on one with the Prime Minister of Sweden on getting him released, but after his most recent tweets he made on Thursday afternoon it seems that won’t be happening.  


The president tweeted that he is ‘Very disappointed in Prime Minister Stefan Lofven for being unable to act. Sweden has let our African American community down in the United States”. Some people were on the fence about rather the energy used to rescue him was a waste of time, after pass comments from the artist resurfaced about him speaking against using his platform to speak justice for the African American community. Speculations even went as far to conclude that the president was speaking on the entire situation only to keep in good with people of color. The rapper will more than likely be spending some more time there, because the Prime Minister made it clear that everyone is treated exactly the same in their country regarding the law and he will not be treated any different. What are your thoughts about the situation??


Ig @Carishathediva