Tune in For A Live Poetry Reading with Astro-Afro Artist ‘Ogechi’ This Sunday Night!!


By: Carisha


The talented and conscious ‘Ogechi’ may have hailed from the mother land of Africa, but Atlanta is quickly becoming more in love with her music and positive approach of advocating social awareness to Black history!

Ogechi has recently made her re emergence back into the social media world and music industry with a whole new style, and new music to follow. Known for her enchanting look, and strong powerful movement of being a true ‘woke’ artist she effortlessly uses her platform to uplift, inform, and teach the people about modern- day enslavement, and the challenging fight of racial equality. She gives a strong representation for young girls to look up to, and in a day in age where social media has created a ‘heathen’ mentality amongst the masses, it’s refreshing to see a women of color proudly stay true to her culture.

Not only is she a musician but she is a professional dancer, author, and a co-host of Rude Girl Radio Rude Girl Radio is all female podcast where she offers her voice, and knowledge about the heavily popular Hip-hop industry. She also hosts amazing interviews on the platform as well. Starting her career off doing poetry, she eventually got the ‘music bug’ and transitioned into a recording artist. With a very ‘dope’ lyrical delivery, her music ( Spotify) offers you knowledge about black culture, funk, even rock. To put her in a box would be undermining all her skills, and you are definitely going to want to tune in for her new weekly poetry readings starting this Sunday night at 11:11 p.m.

She will be reading from her 1st book titled “Lost Negro Records.” This will be her debut 1st run doing weekly poetry readings from her home which she calls “the Muva Ship.” The book is an informative piece that invites young people and the seasoned vets to open the door of Black consciousness and set their minds free. At a time where people of color are still being wrongfully executed by the police, misrepresented in the media, and facing the largest income gaps, now is the time to let go, become better educated about black history, and take in positive energy from a true Nigerian Queen. Tune in with us Sunday evening for “Poet Tings” at 11:11 p.m. and let her know what you think about the readings > Poetry Reading ..if you’re on Twitch @gechibaby