Yung Fume ‘From London To Tha A’..

International hip hop artist ‘Yung Fume’ who was born in London, is on the grind making a bigger name for him self in America. It wouldn’t even make sense if this creative being didn’t make Atlanta his stomping grounds. He stopped by My Turn Radio for a interview with OGechi, Dj Roots Queen & Carisha The Diva. There are a ton of necessary things you need to know about this 21 year old independent artist. For starters he successfully managed to drop a hit song with American rapper ‘Lil Durk’, titled ‘Secrets’ which already cleared 2 million views on YouTube. The streets are loving him and it’s been mentioned if he was born in the country he would easily be a mainstream artist here, his reputation is astonishing. When asked which producers he would like to collab with, he mentioned Grammy producer Zaytoven Beatz, and Metro Boomin. He also thinks that the music platform ‘Spotify’ is the wave for independent artists to promote their music. As someone not tied down to a label, his manager and self are doing all the right foot work patterns to push his catalog to the masses! If you haven’t made your introduction with him yet check out his mixtape he dropped just this past year ‘The Other Way’! No features and all bops!!

“Never been a follower. Create the waves don’t ride em.” Yung Fume.

He will be back for round 2 next week via My Turn Radio, the hottest hip hop platform in Atlanta for artists so tune in Thursday 1/9 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Take a look at his latest single featuring Chanel ‘Still Alive’ below, and tell us what you think about this fresh face in the comments!!

Carisha The Diva