Atlanta’s Own Upcoming Talent; Johnni Luke Stone ‘Taken Shots’!!

A big congratulations to the super talented Johnni Luke Stone on successfully writing, shooting, and starring in his first major film ‘Taken Shots’. For those who still don’t know, Atlanta is one of the major cities for independent artists to take their talents to the next level.

Rather your a film / video director, makeup artist, actress, blogger, or dancer, Atlanta has a niche somewhere to get in and fit in if your dedicated enough. Born and raised in what is now called ‘Black Hollywood’, Johnni made a name for himself in his home city by being nice with the camera and having an entertaining personality.

A quadtruple threat, which includes acting, dancing, rapping, and video skills has everyone eagar to see the new production airing on Amazon Prime this Friday. The movie displays the life of young black males in the inner city who have to make the best decisions to avoid a life of court rooms, drugs, murder and death. It follows the story of high school basketball star Desmund Williams, who’s promising career may be jeopardized by a defense of hard times and a rough environment.

Brought to you by Phuzion Media Group and Johnnistone Productions this is definitely something to put on your watch list. The production is tough, and the story line is something every family can relate to everywhere. Follow the ‘Taken Shots’ page on Facebook and check out the trailer below. Be sure to log onto Amazon this Friday to be the 1st to see the movie!!!

Carisha The Journalist