City Girls ‘Young Miami Pregnant!!

Cardi got a whole family, and now Young Miami is getting ready to welcome baby #2 into the world, while her band mate ‘Jt’ is still locked up for credit card fraud. The ‘Act Up’ rapper just announced the news, and we at the blog are completely happy for her. Family is always a blessing, and every real women knows the grind don’t stop because you have a baby on board. Stream ‘Girl Code’ online now and stop at her page to send your blessings. Many fans already have the opinion that a baby will completely kill off any hope for a “City Girls” ratchet fun summer being as though any work that needs to get done is on her shoulders while Jt does her bid. That didn’t deter the young Florida Hip Hop princess from any plans though. Sources say she will continue to keep grinding and dropping slaps with a bun in the oven!! What are your thoughts luv bugs? Is this bad timing or Gods way?? Comment below..

Carisha The Journalist