Author Loraine Trammell- ‘Powerful Faith While Conquering Principalities’

By: Carisha J

Loraine Trammell 3 time Author of,  WALKING IN FAITH DURING A STORM, POWERFUL FAITH WHILE CONQUERING PRINCIPALITIES and APPOINTED ANGELS… ALL three books are available on The books are truly filled with inspiring words of encouragement to help empower others in conquering and coping with MHD mental health disorder.


It’s a absolute relief to know that you are not alone when coping with stress, mental health disorder and you’re overall energy remaining in peace. Loraine Trammell is a God fearing powerful woman, who not only rights uplifting words for the soul, she is extremely motivating and encouraging to be around. The first book she ever wrote was ‘Walking in Faith During A Storm’ and three books later her work is reaching more readers who are looking to positively overcome any struggles they are going through. Her inspiration for her writing is being obedient to the Holy Spirit, and since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic she has stated it has put her in a better space!