Boss Chicks in Hip Hop ‘Jhonni Blaze’.

So proud of all the boss chicks doing they’re thing in the hip hop world!! Chances are, if your a true lover of hip hop then you have found someone in the game you can appreciate. We here at the blog are big fans of the sexy and musically talented, Jhonni Blaze. Jhonni plays a mix of instruments and is really good on the piano. With a seat at the table on the biggest reality show. ‘Love and Hip Hop, plus a steadily growing fan base, Jhonni is a true artist and such a nice person to be around. Stay tuned we have a exclusive video interview coming soon with her as well. Check out her new single ‘Bon Appetite’ out now on all music platforms.Follow her on ig @jzapalvonkrishna

Carisha The Journalist ig @Carishathediva