Grammy Award Winning Producer, Zaytoven on BET’s ‘Next Best Thing’ Artist Boot Camp Tonight 10 p.m./9 Central!

Make sure you tune in tonight for the newest show coming to the Hip Hop world, ‘Next Big Thing’ on BET. Hip hop legends Dame Dash, Tina Davis and the infamous Zaytoven will be hosting an artist development  boot camp with 12 hungry rappers and R&B singers, who think they have what it takes to be the next best thing. It’s no secret that reality television has made a major impact on today’s society, and has proved to be a big money business especially with branding and product placement. Some of our biggest internet sensations have dipped their toes into the world, and either boosted their career or ruined it, depending on their actions. It’s going to be entertaining to say the least, seeing just how far these contestants will have to go to prove that they have what it takes to be successful in the music business.

Guest mentors will include Tamar Braxton and Lil’ Kim, both who have rightfully earned seats at the table for all of their hard work and are equally fun to watch. Zaytoven, who has always done big things with BET, has a major eye for picking out what’s popping. His own artist rooster includes very talented names who has their own sound, style, and originality. With The time and energy he takes to produce dope beats for rappers such as Future, Chief Keef, and Lil Boosie, on top of filming with BET, and his other projects, has earned him massive respect world wide.

We are all going to have our popcorn ready to see who will come out on top throughout the show. The last two finalists will earn the opportunity to audition in front of 4 major record labels, and possibly get a record deal!! Don’t get discouraged if you didn’t make the cast though, log on to for some inside trade secrets and jewels from Zay, Dame and Tina about how to be successful in Hip Hop Hollywood, behind the scenes footage, highlights and more.  Catch us online line later on tonight for some hashtag fun and tell us what you think about the new show. #NEXTBIGTHING #ZAYTOVEN Airs tonight Tuesday July 9th 10/ 9 Central. 

Carisha The Journalist ig @Carishathediva