Akbar V Defends Her Cucumber Challenge Online. Drags Masika & More!!

It was a tiring day on social media for Akbar V who was drowning in comments on her notifications about her infamous ‘Cucumber Challenge’ she posted from her friend rapper Trouble’s  instagram page. (ig @troubledte6 ). The fireworks began swiftly with everyone weighing in even reality star Masika aka Fetty Wap child’s mother. The ish hit the fan, and Love & Hip Hop’s most raunchiest star, Akbar V began dragging the girl mercerfully online. I’m still looking for a portion of my edges from the severe slaying. One thing is for sure, Akbar has a large personality and an even larger mouth to throw daggers. Mona Scott never disappoints when it comes to finding the most ‘outspoken’ faces for her lucrative production Love & Hip Hop. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and today she had time. Akbar pulled out all the big guns as she pranked yelled at her from her house, calling her ‘hoesika’, pretended to call up Alexis, Fetty’s other baby mother, and poked fun of her instagram video where she was dancing with her breasts covered with pasties!! She even took her jabs to church, and put it to the rhythm of a pastor preaching. Oh lord the drama was a bit much,  as some of her followers advised her to leave it alone and keep grinding, while others persuaded Akbar to continue with the shenanigans. Now if we can just Akbar to use that energy and drop a album this summer we’re going to be good to roll. 


Although the ‘Cucumber Challenge’ is getting somewhat out of hand with everyone chasing clout and ‘pickle’, uploading their version of a good rim job, Akbar’s point was plain and simple. ‘Don’t throw hoe stones if you live in a hoe house’. In lamest terms don’t point out someone’s behavior online that you don’t agree with and your also in turn doing ‘questionable’ behavior online yourself. How do ya feel about the challenge y’all? You in or not for a game of sexualizing a salad ingredient? 

ig @akbar_v for the Tea. …..

Carisha The Diva