Cardi B Thinks Celebrities Are Being Paid To Say They Have The Coronavirus.

“Congressional leaders continued negotiations Sunday on an enormous financial rescue package totaling more than $1 trillion meant to steer the U.S. economy through the coronavirus crisis and help ordinary Americans weather devastating job losses, as lawmakers continued to diverge on key points.” More Here

By now we are full on worldwide with the epidemic we all now know as the ‘Coronavirus’. While some people are doing the most to stay safe by remaining in doors, practice strict cleaning habits, and social distancing, others are walking around naïve and completely oblivious to the media and all the warnings of a global pandemic on the way. Grammy winning artist ‘Cardi B’, who always has a lot to say never was 1 to be silent when she has a opinion on something. She has been very open about this pandemic and celebrities being ‘paid’ to say they have the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. While conspiracy theorists are jumping out the wood works with a opinion on every thing ‘corona’ related, the best thing we can all do for now is remain in doors, prayed up, and safe from harm and germs. For further important details regarding Covid-19 please follow the link up top.