Dj Calvin Has Words for Jermaine Dupri!!

A lot of the hip hop world has been buzzing about Jermaine Dupri lately, after his most recent remarks about female hip hop artists and their credibility because of their heightened sex appeal. Both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B two of the biggest in the game had a remark or to to say back at him. Most people were saying he is a hypocrite because he has glorified men drug dealing and going to strip clubs in his own music. 

A recent post circulated on the internet listing the top singer/ songwriters with the most weeks spent at the number one spot  on the billboard charts, and Mariah Carey was listed in the top 20. Jermaine Dupri re-posted the chart with the caption “No!! You just can’t sit with us, go sit over there and based on the stats and this chart @mariahcarey is the greatest songwriter in history”! Dj Calvin had some words of his own for Jermaine. Texts are below. Dj Calvin basically called the “Money ain’t a thing” rapper a silver spoon industry kid that doesn’t tie into the come up of Atlanta. He also called him lame and advised all female artists to stop tagging this “lame a#@ ni%%a, he ain’t gone do a damn thing but take yo s#@$”. We all understand in the hip-hop world, your street credibility is just as important as your content to remain relevant. What do you think about their recent remarks? Has Jermaine Dupri been off the rail lately with his actions, or are people reaching?