EXPLOSIVE!! Phila’s own ‘Cassidy’ Hip Hop Battle with ‘Arsonal’!!

If you about that real Hip Hop check out this dope rap battle trending right now with Cassidy and Arsonal. Cassidy is an American rapper from Philadelphia who first gained attention for his freestyles, and began competing as a battle rapper in the early 2000’s. He is most notoriously known through out the Tri-State Hip-Hop community as a pioneer in the game who has contributed many accolades in the industry. He has also made a few acting appearances in such movies as ‘Next Day Air’, and ‘Rhyme & Punishment’. The battle took place in Philadelphia, with Gillie Da King front row standing beside Cassidy. Arsonal came into the battle guns blazing yelling at Cassidy to ‘suck his dick’, before the coin flip was even decided. As Cassidy attempted to deliver his lines, Arsonal blew smoke in his face, and even went so far as to grab Cassidy during the first round. Take a peek below, and tell us what you think. Arsonal is a battle rapper from Newark, New Jersey. He currently has 66 battles catalogued.