Freezie Da Iceman Talks New Album #KarenSon Dropping November 26th & the Miami Hip-Hop Scene!

Karen Son November 26th

Florida not only has the best beaches, but it’s also home to some of the hottest artists in the industry. It is refreshing to see a community of all different ethnicities pouring in to the state to create a melting pot of cultures. The Hip-Hop scene has always been an unstoppable force throughout all of the major cities there contributing to the music industry. We have gotten several amazing mainstream artists and stars who came up out of the 305. The one we should watch out for in the 1st quarter of 2021 is without a doubt Freezie da Iceman.

Self-named for his reputation of being cold in the booth and the streets, Freezie is one of those artists who made it clear his music is a business and will be treated as such, so come correct. With Rolling Stone Magazine reporting that indie artists are set to generate more than $2 Billion dollars in 2020 with a 32% increase in their profits thanks to DIY uploads and rapid global growth, the independent music scene has become a avenue where artists are creating their own wealth and success. Freezie is making sure to get a piece of the pie. His new album ‘Karen Son’ drops on all platforms this month November 26th on Thanksgiving Day. From his own viewpoint, the fans can expect a project that is “creative, ruggish and dope”. 1 secret his fans DON’T know about him is he never uses auto-tune…but on the album he did experiment with it on 1 song.  He put all his heart into the project, which is named after his mother Karen, who he credits as his inspiration. Freezie grew up in a large family with 15 siblings on his father’s side, and 4 siblings on his mother’s side thus making him fully equipped with a team of supporters and fans that support his movement. He brings to the rap game a polished flavor of musical brilliance, and is not afraid to take risks with growing his music catalog. He also owns his own recording studio in Miami which is a excellent way to cut the costs on his recording. Check out his interview below with Carisha The Diva and follow him on Instagram @freezie.da.iceman