Hip-Hop 1 on 1 Interview with Atlanta’s Own Yung Booke!! #BlueGoat

Atlanta is the mecca of Hip-Hop and it’s no surprise that several of the most prominent names in the industry are hailing from the city now known as ‘Black Hollywood’. Atlanta native ‘Yung Book’ has been on the scene grinding for a while and has made quite the name for himself as a independent artist with his own record label ‘Unos’. Linked in the past to King of Atlanta, Ti’s label ‘Grand Hustle’, Yung Booke has made one thing clear ‘he can rap and has the talent to back it up. His current EP ‘Blue Goat’ is a 5 star masterpiece and we can expect a album from him sometime this year titled ‘S.O.D.A’ which means ‘Son of Da A’. Take a look at this dope interview with celebrity entertainment journalist ‘Carisha The Diva’, who sat down with the ‘Chills’ artist to bring you a 1 on 1 with him about his music, the industry, the streets and more!!