Kim Moffitt CEO of Hood Rich Clothing Opening 2nd Store In Atlanta – Interview

By: Sip of Gossip


Kim Moffitt is a young entrepreneur from Greensboro, North Carolina who successfully started her own clothing line ‘Hood Rich Clothing’ and owns a store location in her hometown.


The amount of young millennial entrepreneurs who are starting their own businesses these days is outstanding!! Everyday young people are coming up with new ideas and creative inventions to earn their own residual income. Rather we are supporting our best friends who are now licensed lash technicians, or downloading music from our favorite indie artists, young people are owning their own wealth!  Kim Moffitt is a very smart ambitious young Queen from North Carolina with an amazing head on her shoulders, and very well spoken. Her clothing line ‘Hood Rich’ brings you a fresh urban feel with vibrant colors, and an authentic style. We were honored to check in with her and hear her story about the launch of this successful business. We are even more excited on her opening a location here in Atlanta for everyone to shop in the 404. Kim has stated the most challenging part of her obstacles was finding serious, honest people to work for her. With dedication and hard work, she beat the odds and is now blessed to say a 2nd store location is on the way. She is also no stranger to hard work and owns a smoke chop, Hood Rich Smoke Shop also located in North Carolina. Look at her latest interview below with The Atlanta Queen of Media ‘Carisha The Diva’. Shop online at Shop Here <<< Follow her on Instagram @hoodrichiam