NBA will suspend season folowing Wednesday’s Games!!

Due to 1 of the players testing positive for COVID-19 on the Utah Jazz, the National Basketball Association decided to suspend all further games during the season. The news comes on the trail of the biggest media pandemic to hit the entire world in a long time about the much talked about ‘Corona Virus’. Despite the symptoms being nothing more then similar symptoms involved with having a common cold or allergy, wide spread horror has erupted from coast to coast with schools shutting down, even the prestigious Harvard University.

The NBA will use this time to determine the next steps for moving forward in regard to the coronavirus pandemic. Considering the physicality of the game and the league’s likely inability to control who players come into contact with in their personal lives they made the decision immediately once news of a positive result was released. The policies the league is enacting now are being taken in an effort to prevent the spread and further then it has already gone. The NBA has billions of dollars on the line with the suspension set in place so the league will do whatever is necessary to protect the safety of both the players/ league and the fans who come out to see their favorite team. Everyone is urged to wash their hands as often as possible, and use precaution when you go out into the streets.