Rapper T.Skrilla Drops New Heat on “Cartel” Featuring Angel Leflore

T.Skrilla Takes Life Experience and Blends it with Fire Production to Create his Newest Single, “Cartel”. And he has a Story to Tell.

by Anne Carlson

Born in Asheville NC, T.Skrilla is the youngest of 3 sons. His parents battled addiction in the late 1980’s and that gave him his first experiences of how impactful drugs can be to his community. Shortly after, his parents split up and he noticed that most of the people he looked up to were dealers and players. The family eventually relocated to Atlanta, GA (SWATS, Campbelton Rd.). Skrilla’s brothers were entrepreneurs and invested into a gentleman’s club “Lady Rolex” which later on became the world famous “Body Tap” which you heard mentioned by Jeezy, T.I and Gucci Mane.

At 13 Skrilla discovered that he had a passion for music when a childhood friend of his let him freestyle over some of his dad’s beats in their home studio.. The reaction from his peers let him know that he had potential, so he decided to keep working on his craft.  This same year he discovered his passion for fast cash, following in the footsteps of his role models he invested in the trap and became a “hotboy”. His mother quickly became fed up and he was sent to live with his father in Orlando, Fl.

His passion for music lead him back to Atlanta where he continued to network at “Body Tap” and started doing popular open mics. Being that music takes investments, he continued to dabble in the street life which eventually he was arrested for cocaine and crack cocaine trafficking.

He went to trial and was sentenced two 25 year sentences. He got his head in the law library , met some solid individuals, hired a new attorney and after 4.5 years, he was able to give back majority of the sentence and did a total of 6 yrs before coming home.

While incarcerated, he recorded and released numerous singles and a mixtape, “Post Konviction”, on his cellphone. He is currently pushing his new single ‘Cartel’ featuring Angel Leflore and is produced by KongoBeats.

Never doubt yourself, never let your circumstances limit your potential, and never give up or lose faith! Keep grindin! – T.Skrilla

Check out “Cartel” now on all streaming platforms.


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