Arrest Warrent Issued for R Kelly!

Robert Sylvester Kelly neglected to make it to a mandatory court hearing in Minnesota on Thursday. The judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest because he was a no-show. Essentially, this particular occasion it was not his fault he did not make it because he is already incarcerated at the MCC Chicago prison on federal sex crimes.

The King of R&B’s legal hearing was set for 1:30 p.m. at the Hennepin County Court Thursday. He is facing 2 charges- engaging in prostitution with a minor, and hiring/agreeing to hire someone for sexual contact.

After a public out cry, nation wide calling for the arrest of him, the parents involved in these heinous sex crimes, even his manager and security, it is sort of progressive that he is still serving time, and didn’t just miss court due to being housed up with his concubines.

R Kelly is in general population at the Chicago Correctional Center. He has fresh air and maybe a few pieces of paper on hand to pen any new song lyrics that come out on chain gang. We wish him the best during this difficult time up the road.