Florida’s Finest ‘Young Loot’ Sits Down ‘Live with Carisha The Diva’ To Talk New Music, Favorite Female Rapper & More!

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When you decide to put yourself first and invest in your talent the possibilities for success are endless. Everyone knows the music industry is changing with major record labels losing clout as independent artists are taking control of their streams, brand, and image. Just recently Rolling Stone reported that independent artists will generate more than $2 Billion dollars in 2020. Merchant bank Raine Group estimates a 32% increase in the profits of Indie artists thanks to DIY uploads and rapid global growth.

With that said, Young Loot is in that bracket as he has been consistent with his single releases, growing his fan base, and is set to release a full project this December. The LaBelle, Florida native puts in several hours a week recording his music and staying consistent. His support system is strong as well, with a full entourage of support from his friends and fans. Crediting inspiration from other successful artists such as Lil Wayne, we can expect to see a lot more pressure from him during the 1st quarter next year. Young Loot is focused and has a plan in motion. With the upcoming year he is working on some features with a few mainstream artists, growing his music streams, and hitting a bigger platform for his videos.  His latest project will be released December 25th!! Tune in below as he sits down live with http://carishathediva.com/ Carisha The Diva in Miami to discuss his upcoming EP release, favorite female rappers, the music scene in Florida and more.