1017 Foogiano Hits 1 Million Views on ‘Molly’ #BabyMama Video

By: Carisha The Diva

 The King of Icy himself ‘Gucci Mane’ has started quite the media buzz on the Hip-hop scene by looking for new artists for his label 1017 Records.

After posting on Instagram for people to “tag the hottest rappers they know”, social media was on fire with everyone from everywhere sending requests for their favorite indie artist to make the cut. The competition was challenging to say the least, but his 1st pick Greensboro, Georgia native Foogiano was just what the industry needed. Full of personality, and ambition, he’s mentioned looking to break into acting and business after Hip-Hop. In the lane of owning ‘Trap-Rap’, his current single which seems to be felt by every man in the world ‘Baby Mama’ just cleared 1 million views online which is a secret rite to passage in the industry!! Not only is the song catchy, he filmed the video in his small hometown, with all his closest friends which made for a memorable experience. Also being signed to Atlantic Records, and being managed by one of the hardest working music groups in the game  Authentic Empire Music Group Foogiano has a album dropping in May and made it clear he is giving it everything he’s got, for his fans and his children whom mean the world to him. Check out the catchy video below…