Authentic Empire * Euro Gotit Featuring Geezy Escobar & Foogiano #HitStick

By: Carisha The Diva

Authentic Empire Music Group’s ‘Euro Gotit’ drops dope new single “Hit Stick” featuring Geezy Escobar and Foogiano!

Hold ya necks because we just heard new music from Euro Gotit and we are living for this heat! Authentic Empire Music Group has 1 of the dopest music rosters in the industry right now, with all of their artists going up! Euro Gotit  hailing from the west side of Atlanta is a admirable artist who is not only humble, but always gives free game /advice for indie artists, and positive messages on his social media platform. Right now his #Pain challenge is picking up hundreds of fans world wide, who are tuning in and remixing his single to showcase their humanity and everyday struggles in life. He is not only offering therapy to the Hip-Hop world, he is promoting good vibes, and staying true to his self while growing as a artist. The song also features Geezy Escobar, an Ohio native now residing in Atlanta who has a quality mixtape out titled “Section 8 Mindset”, that will open your ears to quality music, and newly signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records, ‘Foogiano.’ Foogiano has had a prosperous run in the game. In less then 6 month’s time he was introduced to the world, picked up by Authentic Empire, signed to a multi-million dollar music deal through Gucci Mane with a solid distribution deal by a major record label. Check out the single below and tell us what you think.