Exclusive- Authentic Empire Music Group Media Series Featuring ‘Geezy Escobar’!!


‘Geezy Escobar’ is talented, humble, and already taking the music industry by storm!!

Hailing from Akron Ohio, and residing in Atlanta, Geezy Escobar aka #BurberryJerry is not only vocally skilled with dropping hot bars, he is demanding that British luxury house Burberry  cut the check for his extreme marketing and modeling of their high fashion collection. Rather he is dripping in Burberry or dropping bops like his hit single “Cool” featuring Da Baby, Geezy Escobar has so much more to him that his fans are growing to love!! We don’t want to give you too much so check out his 1 on 1 interview with Carisha The Diva  below. Go stream his single Blue Faces  out now!!