New Album Drop! ‘Late Night Breakfast Dinners’ By- Grapesoda Henderson

By: Carisha J.

Georgia native ‘Grapesoda Henderson’ releases dope new Hip-hop/ R&B album and decides to make more conscious music considering police brutality and racism.


There are so many talented music artists hailing from Georgia. We took a trip to Carrollton and found this dope indie artist ‘Grapesoda Henderson.’ He has his own style, great melodies, and his new album is hard. With all that is going on in America I though it was only right to do a written interview with him “social distancing” style and get his thoughts for the project and more. His new album is something everyone can bop to anytime! It has a mixture of something sexy for the ladies, and some well rhymed bars for the fellas. The Trap-R&B movement is alive in well and with the success of mega artists such as Chris Brown, Torey Lanez, and Jacquees, its refreshing to see when artists mix R&B ballets and hip-hop together. There is so much bad going on in the world right now, it was a pleasure learning that this artist is aware of the attacks on black men and police brutality. It is also wonderful to know he has decided to make more conscious music for his fans. If you are looking for something fresh and alive to listen to then this project is right for you! ‘Spend the Night’ featuring Vskye is the sexy jam you play when you are chilling with bae and looking for the right ‘chill song.’ ‘Never Learn’ featuring Curtis Dro has a positive message for everyone to relate to, something poetic. Check out our Q&A, stream the album and tell us what you think below.

  1. Tell us your thoughts about the protests in America?

Due to the many years of police brutality and oppression in America towards people of color, this was the result of being ignored and treated as second class citizens. People can only take so much and have so much patience until they reach a breaking point. The riots we can do without, but you cannot control what they should or should not do.


  1. Has what’s been going on had an impact on your music?

The events happening now really made me become more consciously aware of what I write and say in my music.


  1. What is the inspiration behind the music on your new project?

The inspiration was to give fans something they could vibe and chill to. Pretty much a little insight of my life day to day.


  1. I love the artwork how did you come up with it?

I choose the artwork off the strength of giving people a different perception of my artistry. I showed people a part of my daily routine which is looking through the fridge.


  1. Describe your style in 1 word?



  1. Who are you’re musical influences?

My influences musically are Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill.


  1. Would you do an Instagram Live concert of your music?

I would be open to an IG live concert.


  1. If you could collab with anyone right now who would it be?

I would collab with Dom Kennedy!


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