New Music “Moana” – G Eazy ft Jack Harlow * Produced by Zaytoven Beatz


By: Carisha

G-Eazy drops new song and video ‘Moana’ featuring Jack Harlow and calls out Lana Del Ray in the lyrics!

Zaytoven Beatz produces new music for G-Eazy “Moana.” The song features Jack Harlow and G-Eazy dropped a cool ‘Quarantine’ themed video. The super producer went into the studio to create an exclusive beat for G-Eazy and its lit. G-Eazy has been on the up and up after his past successful collab project with female rapper Cardi B. The Oakland, California native has always had his own signature style and musical flow. He is now trending for making a reference to artist ‘Lana Del Ray’ in the song. The song lyrics suggests she ‘allegedly’ tried to shoot her shot at him, and he refused. Lana is apparently an ex-girlfriend of his, so we pray the quarrel does not go to over the top, and sizzles expeditiously. Her fans were less then pleased with the reference and took to social media to voice their concerns. The song also features Atlantic Records artist ‘Jack Harlow.’ He is best known for his single “What’s Poppin” which peaked at number 36 on the Billboard Hot 100. Check out the clever ‘social distancing’ video below with cameos from music mogul P Diddy, who has turned into a political figure and is using his platform to delegate for the ‘Black Vote’ from Democratic Presidential running mate Joe Biden. Take a look at the video below, and tell us if you’re feeling it.