Video Music Drop Xp Dinero – “Running 2 U”

By: Carisha The Diva

Xp Dinero drops new video and single “Running 2 U”

The world has forever been changed as we know it due to one of the most shocking pandemics to hit in a long time, the ‘Coronavirus.’ However the Hip-Hop industry is 1 field proving to remain ‘open’ as many artists are staying productive and consistent with their platforms. We proud ourselves on offering a music platform for indie artists to showcase their music, album release drops, upcoming tours and more. Xp Dinero has been extra busy on the scene with his music, and we are loving the new content. “Running 2 U” can best be described as dope hip-hop with a catchy melody. Follow him on Instagram here and stay tuned for more to come from him! Xp Dinero