Akbar V & LightSkinKeisha fight over “Queen of Atlanta” title!

By: Sip of Gossip

Akbar V confronts Light Skin Keisha over the title for “Queen of Atlanta”

Love & Hip Hop is a big ball of wigs throwing, drama, fresh manicures, and everyone doing the most to remain most desired on the cast. The show is featured in Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Hollywood but in our honest opinion Atlanta’s cast members are the most ‘lit’. We appreciate how Atlanta is always noted as being the mecca of Black Hollywood. It is a captivating city where entrepreneurs can build their own brands and live the good life at a reasonable cost.

Since Akbar V joined the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta line up, she has been self-titled the “Queen of Atlanta.” The irony is that successful recording artist “Monica”, who has had several successful number 1 hits, and a reputation as ‘classy’ as the 1st lady has already been given the title. Light Skin Keisha, a Decatur native catapulted her career in 2017 with the success from her single “Weather.” Since joining the cast of the show, she has been staying very productive on the scene as a socialite and successful recording artist. Although we are not sure why a fight should be over a title to the city, we pray these Queens can put their differences aside and both rep the city.