Crystal Lalucci Viral Instagram Live Concert “ Casino Coronachella”

By: Carisha The Diva

Atlanta’s most slept on female rapper ‘Crystal Lalucci’ performs viral Instagram Live Concert!

With the Coronavirus still making it’s way through the world, many musicians, influencers, and entrepreneurs have made modifications to their platforms to keep up with the ‘new normal.’ It’s been refreshing to see many people being positive throughout these crazy times, and adjusting to stay productive. Crystal Lalucci, has been grinding effortlessly dropping concerts, new music, and marketing rounds to keep her fans entertained. She hosted a live at-home concert and performed a few singles off her new EP “Casino”, out now on all platforms. Casino Download Known for her dope lyrical flow and ‘up north’ swag she brings something tough and chart-topping to the industry. After winning Atlanta’s Most Slept On Award’, she has been building a strong platform with loyal adoring fans. Her infamous “Black Belts” fanbase is growing daily, and we are loving it!! Watch her video below and check her out on Spotify here Crystal Lalucci Spotify