Boss Amero Drops New Album- ‘Illmoortal’

By: Carisha

Atlanta native and rapper ‘Boss Amero’ Drops New Album ‘Illmoortal’ with 19 tracks!

We took a listen to the new album from Boss Amero and it is 1 for the books! The Hip-Hop scene in Atlanta is growing every quarter, and the city has been dubbed the ‘Mecca of HipHop’. Since the greats of old Atlanta like Outkast, Ti, Ludacris, and other influential names kicked in the door and gave us all kinds of feels, the 404 has been birthing star quality rappers every year. Boss Amero who was born and raised here, give us that conscious feel good music we can all vibe to. After chatting with him 1 on 1 it’s evident that the CEO of his own music label not only has the brains to make things happen for himself in the industry, but the drive to keep his fans tuned in to his music.  Download the album below and follow him on Instagram @kingcomeup