Dread Zoe Talks Mulatto Being His Favorite Female Rapper😍 New Music * Tekashi 69 & More Live with Carisha #HipHop

By: Carisha

Miami rapper Dread Zoe jumped into the rap game after getting out of a relationship that artistically changed him for the best. The music business is forever changed with the rise of popularity and demand for online music streaming through DIY music upload websites. Websites like Spotify, and Soundcloud have entitled Independent artists to level up and go out into the music industry to build a foundation completely on their own. With a solid team, steady goals, and consistency, the possibilities of where your career can go as an artist are endless. You can own your masters, drop a album, and set up tours to monetize and promote your music. With over 140,00 monthly listeners on his Spotify and a massive following of supporters, Miami is tapping in with Dread Zoe.

Dread Zoe

Going on the record to speak about how he got started in the rap game he has said he made his mark after getting out of a long 15-year relationship that left him full of emotions he had to get out. In short, they broke up, and he got into the studio with his boys that set a new lifestyle for him. The best music is when it tells a story and Zoe has a decade of stories to tell. Currently single and focusing on his career the father of 1 is challenging anyone to sleep on him. Being of Jamaican descent and living in the melting pot of Miami, Zoe has all the culture, island vibes, and authenticity in his music.  He also let it be known he is a true hustler and wakes up at the crack of dawn every day to get in the studio, network, and break new barriers with his music. In Highschool he played Basketball and stated he would have attempted to play professionally had he stayed consistent. . Ending 2020 strong he has new music out now, just wrapped up a show with Rick Ross, and has been doing media runs to promote his music. Follow him on Instagram @dreadzoe_